Olivia Ormos

The CEOO, your host & instructor!

Olivia Ormos, a Miami native & Florida Gator, founded OO & CO and Model Volleyball in 2010. Her ever-growing agency services clients within digital marketing, social media, live events, influencer marketing, content creation & more.

Olivia is a member of the Forbes Agency Council, Gala Chair of the Angel Watching  Over Me Foundation, Public Speaker and Marketing Coach based in Miami, FL.

Additionally, Olivia co-founded one of Miami Beach's longest running signature events in 2010, Model Volleyball, garnering over 20K spectators and 500M Media impressions per tournament. The City of Miami Beach has awarded Olivia & her partners February 16th as Model Volleyball Day in Miami Beach. The tournament has expanded to Los Angeles & New York City.

She has taken her 11 years of business & marketing expertise and combined all of the best kept secrets into a series of bundles readily available for you! Lessons from the CEOO was created for the ambitious entrepreneur, where the episodes and videos allow for you to apply the knowledge instantaneously even while you're still watching! 

As a bonus, Olivia shares tips on her Instagram account @oliviaormos on iphone hacks, instagram trends and more!

Olivia is a lover of Dave Matthews, Barry's Bootcamp & all things Pasta!